Friday, August 9, 2013


The class of American Literature is a promising tool for developing authentic language. These pieces of literary works  are motivational  because they eager the students to travel to a never-ended world and promote cultural and intercultural awareness in a  world globally connected. It is breaking the barriers of “boring and not important” to “important and necessary for personal enrichment”.

It  is intensive and extensive reading practiced in a short term period. This class urges  the students to take complete responsibility of their time and autonomous work. Essays, autobiographies, prose, novels, novellas are part  of the common core; poetry is also part of this journey, it helps the students   go deep into each stanza and search for its meaning which is hidden through metaphors, alliteration or internal rhyme.  

It  helps  my students to work easily on the four skills;  for writing purposes sets the ground to analyze a poem, to replicate  or write about  inner  emotions,  soar freely searching for those words that give sense to a simple and detailed story.

This class is not taken for granted, it is reading for responsibility; but it later changes and becomes reading for discovering, questioning and finally enjoying. It is travelling through eras, places, rivers, emotions, belongings but acquiring that piece of significant  knowledge that makes each student  different. A different human being, respecting cultures and identities, 

I believe this Introduction to Literature helps my students to become part of this world of words, poetry and prose. I am great believer that reading opens doors for knowledge and curiosity. I never expect my students focus on one literary period or writer, I let them enjoy as much as they can. It is personal growth.
Literature is language and language is culture and this class is learning about culture and respecting.

Final Exam: REFLECTIVE ESSAYS FROM  A CHOSEN WRITER. As part of the Final exam, students were asked to choose a literary piece of writing, analyze it and reflect in their own experiences. Students did a great work!!! 

Reflection is an exploration and an explanation of events – not just a description of them.
Genuinely reflective writing often involves ‘revealing’ anxieties, errors and weaknesses, as 
well as strengths and successes. 


  1. Dear all students, send your Final American Lit. Research Project and a pleasure to have you in my class.

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