Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 Open House School of Languages

2010 OPEN HOUSE - School of Languages - College of Education- Universidad de Guayaquil, South America, Ecuador

Even though we could not have our scheduled  2010 Open House at the School of Languages due to internal issues, our students showed  their creativity and hard work to their own classes and to friends, teachers and classmates. They were very enthusiastic  on their presentations. Here we have students Josselyn, Ana and Fabiola, from First Course A1 (Enlgish-Italian, morning session) with the topic: "Movie time and popcorn". They researched and talked about this magical adventure of walking into the lobby of a theater and got this memorable smell of a warm and hot buttery popcorn. They also talked about its popularity, history and myths of this treat.

The information was easy to follow, their pronunciation was good for being first course students. They felt comfortable and concluded the presentation with a rented old-fashioned popcorn machine! Of course, we needed to wait until they finished  to enjoy popped salty, buttery and warmy popcorn. I certainly had more than one bag and some soda. It was delicious and salty!!!. It was amazing to see Ana wearing a popcorn costume!. They did a great job and the popcorn was good, too!!


Anita holding the popcorn, Fabiola and Joselyn. First course students

The Open House at the School of Languages is an annual tradition where students demonstrate their abilities in the different languages they are learning (English, Italian, French and German). Every year, the Dean of the School along with the different language teachers and students schedule and share in a variety of activities according to the students´language proficiency.

The Open House is usually hosted mid-November and it is perfect for senior high schoolers to visit and learn what it takes to become a language teacher.

The Open House is the students` hard work and creativity! It is a time when ideas are shared among teachers, students and colleagues. Students eagerly propose topics they feel comfortable to practice, they gather in groups, practice hard and the results are great presentations, cooperation, creativity and teamwork.

You will enjoy visiting a colorful, creative and well organized Open House with attaches kindly directing you to the different stands, posters everywhere, students having their teaching-practice in different languages, and visitors asking for information. We also have food fairs enriching the visitors´ taste, singers and dancers getting ready for their performances, etc. This is a great educational opportunity to visit this unique public college that prepares prospective language teachers and to immerse yourself in a variety of international costumes and traditions.

Cada año la Escuela de Lenguas y Linguisticas de la Universidad de Guayaquil, Facultad de Filosofia, Letras y Ciencias de la Educacion, tiene el agrado de invitar a dignidades de las diferentes universidades y facultades, docentes, estudiantes de Sexto Año de colegio a su tradicional Casa Abierta. Este evento académico tiene el propósito de demostrar en forma práctica y a través de las diferentes presentaciones académicas, artísticas, linguísticas, las fortalezas, conocimientos, habilidades y destrezas adquiridas por los estudiantes en los diferentes idiomas (Inglés, Alemán, Italiano y Francés) que se imparten dentro de la institución como parte formadora de nuestros futuros alumnos docentes. La Casa Abierta usualmente se realiza alrededor del mes de Noviembre de cada año.

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